air protein
Making protein from air
How does it work?
Air fermentation begins with the same building blocks that all plant life needs to grow–air, water, and renewable energy. Elements of the air are whisked together with cultures until they produce protein within a matter of hours–a process similar to how yogurt, cheese, and wine are made. The protein that the cultures produce is harvested and purified, then dried to remove water. The result is a super-clean, protein-packed flour—nutritious, versatile, and ready to be turned into any meat. Finally, in a process much like the way you might turn flour into pasta, we apply culinary techniques to Air Protein flour to create textures and flavors as we work to give air meat the same great taste and texture as traditional chicken, beef, pork, and seafood.
Why is it needed?
To reduce climate change and food scarcity.
How does it improve life?
Making protein this way is carbon negative, massively scalable, and can happen virtually anywhere.