Career guidance platform designed for young adults who want to explore their career options.
How does it work?
Once an account is created, ERIC delivers advice across thirteen different creative industries and general career topics: freelancing, side hustles, interview techniques, CV & portfolio. The user is exposed to valuable and inspirational content from articles, videos, and podcasts to a personalised experience. This platform impacts all levels, encouraging and supporting decision-making, and above all, it helps prepare for the working world.
Why is it needed?
ERIC is designed for 16-25-year-olds with little to no experience who need help with their next career move. This particular age gap struggles with learning and understanding the professional world, and ERIC eases that process. Unlike the boring, disengaging and corporate focus career advice, they stand out for their ability to motivate this generation. It enables this group of young creatives to access high-quality careers advice so they can teach themselves.
How does it improve life?
This particular age group struggles when making important life decisions career-wise. I believe that ERIC targets deeper issues regarding professional insecurities and doubts. Providing such encouraging and inspirational information also helps to build confidence. It eventually leads to productivity increase, stress reduction, soft-skills development, and self-knowledge recognition. This design improves the lives of a young society because it addresses the difficulties of kick-starting one's career, but it also helps to improve mental wellness and stability.