Breast health monitoring tool for guided self-checks & monthly tissue composition comparison to flag
How does it work?
The handheld device, called Dotplot, is a breast health monitoring tool that uses sensing technology – a technology that uses sensors to acquire information by detecting the physical property quantities and convert them into readable signals – to build a map of the user's chest and take readings of their breast tissue. Dotplot is programmed to identify different areas around the breast in order to map the reading to a specific point, meaning that any changes in tissue density can easily be detected. When used over a period of several months, it's able to provide month-by-month comparisons of breast tissue, helping to flag abnormalities as soon as possible. The long-term goal is to help more women detect potential breast cancer earlier.
Why is it needed?
Right now, there are multiple techniques and methods for completing these self-checks, which has caused confusion amongst several women and hence a lack of adherence to a regular routine. Others worry that the moment a lump is found, death is certain. This has deterred women from checking their breasts as regularly as they should, for fear of feeling a lump or abnormality.
How does it improve life?
Our goal at Dotplot is to eliminate the confusion and misconceptions surrounding self-checks. We want women to take care of their breast health with confidence, clarity, and ease.