Healthy period products made from seaweed
How does it work?
Seaweed from marine permaculture is a sustainable and circular material. Seaweed is one of the oldest and most sustainable plants in the world. The “Kelpon” is extremely absorbent due to marine origin, used for decades in medical applications, has little to no potential to cause allergies, and even possesses beneficial properties (anti-inflammatory). The material also grows 10x faster than land plants without fertilizer, pesticides, or fresh water, and contributes to ocean habitat restoration and de-acidification.
Why is it needed?
Although it affects 50% of the global population, menstrual health is still a stigmatized and underserved subject. We want to change this. We want to produce innovative period products from seaweed. Our products prove that product-excellence, radical sustainability and empowerment can go hand in hand.
How does it improve life?
Our products empower womxn and reframe the social stigma associated with periods. They are trailblazers for a circular economy in accordance with nature - leveraging the incredible potential of seaweed.