A freecycle movement to share items with others and improve their savings
How does it work?
HoBeei provides an online platform where users can list items they no longer want in exchange for points that users can use to purchase products from other users. Share items you no longer need with others and get better things you need in return. Hobeei bridge the gab between people who wants to share their itmes and get new ones. You sign up to their webside by using a token to be able to bit for the items.
Why is it needed?
People behind Hobeei observed the growing consumption inequality in the wake of so much waste. People were hoarding items they no longer used and were disposing them wrongly. However there are people who need such items but cannot afford them so they end up taking loans they struggle to pay back and accrue interest.
How does it improve life?
You become eco-friendly. Reuse other's items to sustain our environment. Hobeei is helping people minimise waste, improve savings, and establish a sense of social responsibility.