Smart Med Mat is an educational website teaching kids the importance of not wasting food.
The website teaches students in grades 4-6 about food, food waste and how to make biogas from food waste - with many connections to the curriculum. It is developed on behalf of VA SYD. Teaching material on the site has been developed together with teachers, researchers and experts on the basis of the curriculum. The idea is that the site will serve as a support and complement for teaching with enjoyable experiments, games, quizzes, environment personality tests and assignments. Students will learn about how food should be stored and sorted food waste as well as what happens in the plant where it becomes biogas and digestate. The site tries to answer diverse questions as: Why sort food waste and produce biogas? How does this affect the environment? What is the difference between fossil and renewable fuels? What is the greenhouse effect of the different fuels? Why should we not waste food?