Lugün, Memorial Forests
Eco-friendly funeral forests, where each body is buried under a different tree
Due to the Covid 19 crisis, we are facing the idea of our death and what happens to our bodies when we pass. Current funeral services are highly pollutant, we propose a more sustainable service alternative, that will allow us to connect with those that passed away in different ways. Lugün is an eco-friendly funeral forest, where each body is buried under a separate tree, this is a rite that comes from the Mapuche culture, the dead “stay” in a tree so we can keep them closer. Each tree has a unique scannable pattern that has a personal musical biography, with a profile picture, the name, and the songs previously chosen by the deceased or their relatives, and a sensor that allows you to play the music automatically as you walk through the forest and approach the individual trees. Thus, through music and nature, we can connect with the departed.