1.Avoid clogging sewers 2.Lock odor 3.Easy to clean 4.Prevent mosquitoes from breeding
According to the survey, more than 5 million households find the gutters in their neighborhoods smelly. The cause of strong odor in gutters actually has high correlation with the diet culture in Taiwan. Bad smell can be easily perceived when food waste is directly dumped into the gutters and, if clogging and stagnation get in the way, could have a great impact on environmental sanitation and health. ReMud locks the odor from sewers using its air spacer supported by the stainless torsion springs. When a water flow passes, water would force the spacer open and let the water pass through. Dirt and mud will then be filtered out as the water goes through the underground cement filter substrate. With ReMud, Janitors would only need to use motor pumps to drain the mud that is already collected by the filter, solving the issues of odor pollution, clogging gutters, and cleaning mud in one shot.