Spirulina Society
Spirulina Society provides open-source tools and knowledge for domestic Spirulina cultivation.
We live in times of climate crisis where our ecosystems are endangered. With food production causing extensive greenhouse gases, deforestation and water shortage. As a collective, what if we rethink the way we produce and consume our food? Spirulina, a blue-green alga, is the most ideal food for humankind. It is a plant-based source of complete protein. Spirulina can easily and affordably be grown indoors and only requires a small amount of water and space, it can also be harvested daily under optimal conditions. Spirulina Society aims to normalise the sustainable and efficient cultivation system for an urban lifestyle—where people produce their own food, maintain their wellbeing, cut down the waste and reduce the ecological footprint. It provides 3D models of the cultivation tools for people to download and connect with their local manufacturers. The 3D printed collection consists of lids and harvesting funnel that can be fitted with locally and readily available containers.