Urban Rigger
By developing a building typology for harbor cities, we can introduce a new housing solution.
Denmark is facing a student housing crisis. There are few strategies that allow cities to expand to accommodate growth. The only place, in this case, was the harbor. Urban Rigger stacks 9 upcycled shipping container units in a circle, creating 12 studio residences which frame a centralized garden and gathering space. The housing is buoyant, like a boat. Students have their own kitchen, bathroom and balcony, and access to a gym and common space in the lower level. The floating dwelling utilizes the surrounding water as a free and clean heating source, maximizes the usage of clean solar energy from its photovoltaic systems, and ultimately lowers electricity costs while protecting the environment. The cost of an Urban Rigger unit, which allows students to dive from their bedrooms into the clean harbor water, is ca. 30% less than a traditional dorm room. Copenhagen Municipality ordered 60 more units to add to the original 12 to create a neighborhood of floating housing.