TWIST can not only reduce the waste of plastic lids, but also make it easier for users to classify.
Nowadays, disposable containers can not be avoidable. Hand shake drinks are also inseparable from our life. With the popularity of delivery platforms, the demand for disposable containers is increasing. In order to avoid spilling food, a restaurant will use plastic lid or sealing film to avoid food spillage and keep food fresh, which is a problem and this also caused more waste. Data show that the annual consumption of disposable containers in the world is up to 250 billion. In Taiwan, approximately 2 billion beverage cups and 5 billion take-out boxes are consumed in one year. If use the TWIST, it can save almost 7 billion plastic covers in Taiwan one year. TWIST uses the concept of origami so that disposable containers can completely be sealed without the use of plastic lids. The origami structure can be used in hand cups, coffee cups, take-out boxes, widely used in various disposable containers to reduce plastic lids.