Oil Cleaner
Most of the Marine oil comes from human exploitation
Most of the Marine oil comes from human exploitation, but in many countries no one is dealing with the pollution.For example, when such phenomena occur at sea, Taiwan will form a temporary team to solve them. But it takes a lot of people to deal with it, and it's a very difficult environment for people to deal with this pollution at sea. Therefore, we want users to be able to do this quickly in a comfortable and safe environment. In the workshop, map out the area of the boom line through the plate on your hand. The boom line will automatically scan for the contamination and slowly narrow the area until it is cleaned up. At the same time, a green range will appear on the tablet to inform the user that the cleanup is complete. The booms are modular and can be increased according to the extent of the oil in the sea, allowing users more flexibility in the use of the product.