Emergency Food Program
GlobalMedic provides culturally appropriate and nutritious food in response to disasters worldwide.
One of the most acute needs following a disaster or crisis is food. Humanitarian aid organizations address this need by providing ready-to-make meal kits that are nutrient- and calorie-dense, but far from enjoyable and do not cater to the individual tastes of the affected populations. Additionally, these meals are often expensive for humanitarian aid organizations to produce or purchase. GlobalMedic knew they needed to address this gap in order to maintain the dignity of those suffering in the face of disaster and crisis all over the world. They wanted to be able to provide a meal that is high in nutrients, inexpensive to produce, and ultimately familiar to those receiving it. Each response, they reach out to their local partners to develop an individualized meal that caters to the targeted community. They engage volunteers to assemble these ready-to-make meal kits from bulk products, effectively lowering the cost of producing these kits to be able to reach more people in need.