Styrocycle project
Solving the sea waste Styrofoam problem and recycle as the material for new products
Many people may not have noticed that sea waste Styrofoam has become an increasingly serious sea waste problem. It is estimated that the accumulated sea waste Styrofoam on Taiwan territories has exceeded 200 metric tons each year. Air consists of as much as 95% of Styrofoam's volume, which means that there are a lot of spaces to contain impurities. Unlike sea waste plastics that can be decontaminated for recycling, sea waste Styrofoam has its disadvantages of not being able to eradicate impurities. This issue leads to the difficulty for general recycling companies to reuse it. QiHui Environmental Technology has identified this problem, and we utilize the innovative dissolution method to dissolve sea waste Styrofoam and separate all the impurities, lastly, to extract the recyclable PS material. Furthermore, we cooperated with LITE-ON Technology, the world's largest keyboard and mouse manufacturer, to transform the recycled PS as the material of keyboard and mouse.