Devie, helping child development
A digital coach that supports every parent to help their child grow.
Being a parent can be hard. Parents often feel isolated, stressed, overwhelmed by the information available, and judged by service providers and peers. When Puja Balachander worked in social policy for the Obama Administration, she was frustrated by the lack of resources available to young families. Support was only available at the point of crisis, and was often disempowering, punitive and judgemental. Seeing that so much suffering could be averted, Puja founded Devie with early-years specialist Laura White; to provide vital support to parents during the overwhelming and transformative time of their children’s early years. Devie is a parent-support chatbot. The daily chats use behavioural insights to improve parent confidence and child development outcomes. Devie starts by understanding each parent’s hopes and challenges. A kind, non-judgmental, and accessible child development coach has the potential to alleviate a huge amount of parental stress.