Handshield - anti-microbial wrap
Handshield is a protective wrap to handles so users don't have to have direct contact with handles.
The idea for the wrap came when Handshield founder Roger Gonzalez was returning home from a trip. Arriving in Spain in the middle of the pandemic, he went to the supermarket and noticed that no one wanted to touch the handles of the shopping carts – with some people using towels from home and others holding the cart with their elbows. So, he decided to find a practical and safe solution. The Handshield wrap fits easily and securely over many different types of handles, and is coated in Si Bac-Pure®, an anti-viral and anti-bacterial solution with an active ingredient of Benzalkonium Chloride. The wrap not only kills most germs on the handle, but also protects the users’ hands. The Handshield can be safely washed and will retain its anti-microbial properties for at least 100 washes and one year.