Replaces care/home products that contain questionable ingredients and create massive packaging waste
Most care products only contain 1/10 of active ingredients-the rest is water that only adds up to the packaging volume and increases the carbon footprint during transport. This results in way too many single-use packaging units produced, leaving massive amounts of waste staying in our landfills for 500 years or more. With our products, you create 30x less single-use plastic waste by refilling your dispenser (100% recycled PET material) over again. In collaboration with a cosmetic scientist, EQUA CARE is refined to its essence and provides you with the only 1/10 of active ingredients (cleanest natural ingredients - safe for skin&surroundings) you actually need. Hence, at home, add tap water to the powder formula, give it a good shake, and your liquid soap is ready to use. When it's empty, simply refill your dispenser. While designing EQUA CARE we had the full product life-cycle in mind, from the production, transport, user experience, and the impact that it creates once disposed of.