A transparent paddle board with a window to the sea
With the idea of eliminating the barrier between the sea and the sky for those who enjoy water sports, LOEVA has created le standup, a transparent board that opens a window onto the ocean. Tailored-made in france, the board enhances the sliding experience by combining high technology, elegant design and state-of-the-art craftsmanship. le standup by LOEVA is a paddle board that really immerses users into the aquatic fauna and flora thanks to its transparency. altuglas ShieldUp, the patented clear material used throughout the board, is nano-structured, innovative and provides a high-impact resistance while delivering unobstructed views of the sea. enveloped by a carbon case, the overall structure of the board offers stability and lightness at the same time while a biometric fin generates dynamic propulsion. the fin box, the leash plug and the handle are made of marine anodized aluminum, blending technology and a sleek design.