Helping municipalities restore coral reefs in an efficient, sustainable way.
Coral reefs cover 0.1% of the ocean floor, but support 25% of all marine wildlife. Estimations suggest that 90% of coral reefs will vanish by 2050. NEMO is a 4 stage service helping municipalities to restore coral reefs in an efficient, sustainable way, with large-scale capacity. It consists of a digital platform which helps scientists to research and monitor coral reefs more accurately and efficiently. At the same time, it creates global awareness about coral reefs, from scientists to citizens. The second part is a specialized transport box. It supports corals during their relocation from the nursery site to the outplant site. It regulates the temperature of the saltwater and pH value, to give the young corals the best chance for survival during their journey to the outplant site. The last piece is a collaborative drone which has two different purposes. One function is to help scientists to monitor by 3D scanning and mapping of coral reefs. The other function is to support outplanting