Air quality sensor reflects the state of the air in closed rooms and minimizing the energy use.
Airea air quality sensor, which allows knowing the state of the air in closed rooms and minimizing the increase in energy consumption in heating due to the new ventilation recommendations to respond to the needs caused by covid-19 Through color lighting, Airea indicates the need to ventilate the space in which it is located, depending on the level of CO2 (as the main indicator). The thresholds that define which color the air quality level corresponds by default to levels defined by the health authorities but they are customizable. Although this device is perfect for all types of buildings, it has been specially designed for spaces where different people live together such as schools, hospitals... Airea monitors the levels of CO2 and TVOC as well as the temperature and relative humidity of the environment. Through its WiFi connection, it allows all this data to be stored in the data, for later analysis, allowing to know behavior patterns and take preventive measures.