Duo is a minimalistic and modular smartphone
oc H Biel has developed a modular smartphone named Duo that can be fitted with different sized screens. The minimalist device is composed of only two parts – a screen and electronic core. The core can be attached to different sized screens so users can quickly transform it from a smartphone into a tablet, or use it alone with wireless headphones. The concept was informed by the rise of voice assistants and a reduced need for "visual feedback" as a result. Biel hopes it also presents a way to reduce the number of devices on which people are dependant and in turn make the technology industry more sustainable. "Soon, thanks to the voice assistants, we are not going to need visual feedback all the time," said OPPO. "The Duo electronics module will work independently with wireless headphones or connected to smartphone or tablet displays when needed." "This design would offer the benefit of freeing the user from the need to juggle multiple devices and be able to always access their data