Teemill offers a free platform to sell t-shirts with circularity in mind.
Teemill’s open platform allows countless organisations to sell their t-shirts and receive revenue for it in a circular way. Teemill is a clear cheerleader of circular business models, which can rub off on their large customer base. The solution provides a venue for entrepreneurs and small-scale businesses to grow and be part of a circular model and network. Teemill makes the ordered products itself from organic cotton using renewable energy in the UK. The products are produced in real-time as they are ordered, meaning that the company only produces what people need and unnecessary overproduction is avoided. Each article of clothing is also designed from the start to be returned once it is worn out (for example, with easily removable but more expensive ink used in prints), and the company makes new products from the recovered textiles. Environmental and social impacts include saved water, reduced emissions, less plastic and ultimately created jobs for entrepreneurs.