Balancing risk in a changing climate
Insurers Can’t Predict The Next Climate Crises, But We Are Getting Close. Wildfires, hurricanes and extreme temperatures are contributing to $2.98 trillion in losses over the past decade. We use deep learning to deliver better protections for people and more stable returns for the insurance industry. Kettle analyzes, holds and transfers risk to buyers who want to balance their portfolio. Kettle’s proprietary machine learning algorithms use more than seven billion lines of satellite, weather, and ground truth data. These models use Swarm Neural Networks to find patterns that enable more accurate predictions, thereby reducing loss ratios. It is our ambition to use data to change our world for the better. To better protect our communities for the next catastrophe. And to contribute to a future where we can mitigate future catastrophes. We are showing how reinsurance can be a lever to improve our world.