Otetepon Push Stamp for Washing Hands
Children hygiene training tool
Washing our hands has become a matter of great importance these days more than ever but it's something that small children have always found particularly annoying. The Otetepon Push Stamp for Washing Hands is a smart and fun way to turn hand washing into a game and make your young 'uns scrub their tiny hands better and get rid of the bad germs. So it forces them to thoroughly scrub for at least 30 seconds before it completely disappears. Made from nothing but the same food coloring used in kitchens around the world, the Otetepon Push Stamp, from a Japanese company called Shachihata, leaves behind a cartoonish image of an angry germ that can only be scrubbed away with at least half a minute of solid sudsy scrubbing. It’s primarily designed as a hygiene training tool for little ones, but it seems like it would provide some much needed peace of mind to adults worried about properly hand sanitizing too.