Arkangel AI
Detect preventable diseases in seconds with artificial inteligence
We saw a problem in the early detection of diseases. And a way to solve it. Today 56% of the world dies from diseases that we know how to prevent, but we just don't prevent or detect them in time. Most viral diseases, such as malaria, affect the world's most vulnerable populations, where there is huge inequality in the essential right to health. The problem is that there is no early detection system that is rapid, accurate and scalable to the size of the problem. And we set out to change this! We know about technology and we love it, and even more so we love being able to give through it. We have studied the system from start to finish, to ensure that we can give access to all the people to be detected in time. How? By offering our technology that can be adapted to any rural or urban area, quickly, accurately, and scalable to the size of the problem, adapting to the way each institution works without disrupting any of the existing processes We're here to put you first.