O’right Toothpaste N° Zero
Revolutionizing the Toothpaste Industry with a Groundbreaking New Formula
Free from non-petroleum-based ingredients, the never-seen-before green design was developed with the aim to achieve zero carbon and zero impact. Revolutionary in every respect, O’right Toothpaste N° Zero received wide acclaim from the Good Design Award and was selected as the Good Design Best 100, paving the way to a sustainable lifestyle and a greener tomorrow. This natural toothpaste contains a blend of botanicals including totara, beech and Indian soapberry extracts to gently polish and scrub off teeth stains while fighting plaque and tartar buildup. Featuring an exclusive blend of rosemary, star anise, clove and spearmint essential oils, it is designed to keep your teeth fresh and clean and brighten your smile. A natural solution for healthier teeth and gums and a greener earth. Brushing your teeth the right way goes a long way.