Dissolvable Noodle Packaging
Plastic-free, dissolvable ramen packaging that turns into sauce.
Product design student Holly Grounds has replaced the many plastic sachets that accompany a pack of instant noodles with an edible, spice-infused wrapper that breaks down when cooked to season the broth. The packaging consists of a flavourless biofilm, which is made from only a handful of readily-available ingredients including potato starch, glycerin and water. Once it has been heat sealed, the film keeps the dry noodles from going stale. But as soon as it comes into contact with boiling water it dissolves in less than a minute. With herbs and flavourings embedded into the packaging itself, the resulting liquid effectively acts as the sauce, while larger ingredients such as dried shrimp are stored loosely in the parcel before being released into the broth. The resulting film is then wrapped around the dried noodle blocks, reimagined in a doughnut shape to allow them to cook more evenly and fit more neatly into a bowl.