Futurecraft.Loop by Adidas
A performance running shoe made to be remade.
Adidas strengthens its commitment to tackling plastic waste with the reveal of FUTURECRAFT.LOOP - a 100% recyclable performance running shoe. Imagine a product that lived forever. Where the raw material of one product is never thrown away; it just becomes another product. And then another one. And another one. A product made to be remade. That is the journey Adidas is taking. Following launch in April, the company has taken the first FUTURECRAFT.LOOP shoes back and recycled them to create components for an entirely new shoe. It feels like a major landmark on the company's journey to a circular product. FUTURECRAFT.LOOP is a 100% recyclable performance running shoe - it can be returned to adidas, broken down and reused to create new performance running shoes. First-gen release is a part of adidas’ widest ever global beta program, ahead of the wider commercial release targeted for Spring Summer 2021