An ocean full of opportunities
a research project about an algae based, compostable bioplastic
„An ocean full of opportunities“ is a multidisciplinary project between the fields of material development and surface design. The algae as a fast regrowing resource is the main source of inspiration and material base. Specific kinds of red algae and the extracted Agar powder is the base for this biodegradable and compostable biopolymer. The material can be recycled and made into a new batch of algae biopolymer or just thrown on the compost, due to its natural and absolut non toxic ingredients. Natural, used dye baths from dying textiles can be used to create different colored biopolymers as well as flowers or spices to create different surfaces. The material can, depending on the mixture, vary from a latex like behavior to a stiffer version that is closer to PVC. This material has a great spectrum of structures, colors and design and therefor a wide range of usability, from fashion to packaging.