Calculate your carbon footprint and neutralise it
With Klima, a climate-healthy life has never been simpler. Calculate your carbon footprint and neutralise 100% of your CO2 emissions in just two minutes. Then, watch your impact grow in real time. Step 1: Calculate your carbon footprint. Our natural language chat interface makes measuring your climate impact easy. Just answer a few quick questions to learn how much CO2 you emit each year. Step 2: Choose your offset strategy. Offset your footprint by funding science-backed projects that remove or prevent the same emissions elsewhere. You can choose from natural, technological, or social solutions — or support all three! Step 3: Track your impact in real time. Our real time tracker shows you the impact of your offsets on the ground. Celebrate every milestone and share your achievements with the world. And finally: Live a climate-conscious life. You can reduce your overall footprint sustainably, with personalized tips, ideas, and inspiration from our Climate Checklist.