Urban backpacks for garbage collection and delivery to recycling stations
Marina Dykukha is a graphic designer, who experienced the recycling-at-home problem. The process of collecting garbage and delivering it to the recycling station is inconvenient and hard in her hometown Kyiv. There are no state services that organize pickup of sorted trash. In Kyiv there's a is a volunteer organisation "nowasterecyclingstation" but, you need to get there yourself if you want your garbage recycled. If you don't have your own car it is a problem. To cope with this problem, she created a backpack from used advertising banners. It's a practical container for collecting and transporting waste to the recycling stations. It's her personal manifestation of awareness. The idea of DINNER project is to simplify the process of delivering of sorted trash. She wanted to turn the drama of waste delivery into a fun and enjoyable process. Getting your trash to the recycling station becomes as easy as wearing a backpack while biking!