Virus-repelling fabric
Antiviral fabrics for up to 20 washes
A number of textile manufacturers are taking preventive measures even further with antiviral fabrics that can be incorporated into clothing. One of the first to develop these fabrics is Brazilian technical textile company, Dalila Têxtil, who's created a fabric with a finish that can help destroy the protective outer layer of COVID-19. The technology embeds silver particles into the fabric, which attract the viruses and bind with sulfur groups on the surface of the virus. This, in turn, inhibits the growth of the virus by preventing it from binding with host cells. Tests carried out on the fabrics show that the antiviral finish is effective for up to 20 washes. André Klein, director of Dalila Têxtil, sees the use of protective textiles being “the new normal” in clothing manufacture: “This innovation impacts the fashion market for the better. Clothes begin to unite design and health care. In addition to fighting coronavirus, we will see this in fabrics with UV protection (...)"