Cashmere made from soy
Vegetable Cashmere™ by KD New York is a true plant-based alternative to traditional animal fibre cashmere, Vegetable Cashmere™ is a smart choice for you and for our planet. Vegetable Cashmere™ is plant-based; 100% natural; biodegradable. It is cruelty-free and farmer-friendly. It looks and feels exactly like fine traditional cashmere. It is fashionable, stylish, colourful, and ideal for all-day wearability. It is washable and easy to care for. Vegetable Cashmere is a proprietary, 100% plant-based fabric primarily composed of soy protein spun from pulp borne from tofu production. It requires no additional resources from the Earth to produce. It is soft, silky, and loaded with plant proteins that nourish the skin. It will keep you warm in cold weather, and remain cool and comfortable in hot weather. It's perfect for the yoga mat and dance floor. No goats or animals are harmed or inconvenienced in the production of garments made from Vegetable Cashmere.