Transport Material made from renewable plant-based components and paper.
ClimaCell® is our patented flagship material made from renewable plant-based components and paper. With excellent thermal performance and a competitive cost structure, it is the ideal replacement for unsustainable insulators, like Styrofoam®. ClimaCell represents our understanding of the insulation market and seeks to improve the category by pushing it toward a more sustainable future.There are a lot of recyclable materials out there. Unfortunately, most of them end up in waste streams that don’t get reused. We designed ClimaCell to be repulpable alongside cardboard, a product that is recycled 93% of the time. You can check out our recyclability study here. We’ve worked with third party consultants to ensure that ClimaCell is OCC-E certified curbside recyclable and that it passes Materials Recovery Facilities tests to be reclaimed alongside cardboard.