100% renewable
Convince 10 states, 150 college campuses and key cities to go 100% renewable
We are spearheading the effort to convince states to commit to 100 percent clean and renewable energy. In 2018, Environment California led the campaign to pass a bill committing the Golden State to a goal of reaching 100 percent renewable and zero-carbon electricity by 2045. In 2019, Environment New Mexico, Environment Washington and Environment Maine picked up the baton, helping to win approval of similar bills in their states. We’re now supporting 100 percent clean or renewable commitments in fifteen more states. Action at the municipal level can inspire states to make 100% renewable commitments. Our state and local advocates and organizers already have helped persuade Atlanta, Tempe, Arizona, Las Cruces, New Mexico, St. Petersburg and Tallahassee, Florida, and Spokane, Washington, to commit to a full transition to renewable energy.