Pivot Bio
The planet needs a clean alternative to synthetic nitrogen fertilizer now.
Pivot Bio offers the first in-field solution to biological nitrogen fixation, available to farmers now across most of the U.S. Delivered as an in-furrow application, our first-generation product adheres to the plants’ roots and feeds the corn crop daily without leaching, volatilization or denitrification. Seed treatment options are in the near-term product pipeline.Half of our world’s food supply is dependent on synthetic nitrogen fertilizer, yet it has serious environmental impacts. Fertilizer contributes to about 500 ocean dead zones around the globe; decomposes into nitrous oxide which is responsible for about 5 percent of global warming; and prevents the natural ability of soil microbes to produce nitrogen that nourish food crops. Farmers are looking for new tools today that can help them reliably feed their nitrogen-hungry crops in a more environmentally sustainable way.