Producing braille with ultrasound
A team of researchers from Germany’s Bayreuth University have developed a device called HaptiRead that can produce Braille using ultrasound waves. The HaptiRead device contains a total of 256 ultrasound transducers that are arranged in a 16 x 16 grid on its front face. A Leap Motion Controller gesture sensor is used to detect when a user moves their hand in front of the device. The ultrasound transducers are then activated in the correct patterns and sequences to produce the writing. The HaptiRead device could be substantially more reliable than typical electromechanical refreshable Braille displays. An additional benefit is that it doesn’t require physical contact, which is an important consideration in our post-COVID-19 world if the display is going to be used in public. HaptiRead would give blind people the ability to read any digital text, including from websites and even eBooks.