Stackable Energy Technologies
Zero energy buildings that will generate as much on-site energy as the building uses
Our power is delivered through an aging, antiquated infrastructure that starts with the generation of controversial power that is inefficiently delivered hundreds, or thousands, of miles away. All this energy feeds into buildings that are old, poorly insulated, and, many times, cheaply built, and our electrical grid is vulnerable to natural disasters as well as terrorism. Most solutions today for business are band-aids or afterthoughts that don’t address the problems of the grid or the building itself. Each year, $4 billion square feet of commercial roofs are installed in the grid today. The market for putting commercial and industrial roofs to work generating on-site energy is virtually unlimited. There’s a massive amount of infrastructure inefficiency in the grid that we use. Stackable energy technologies™ like solar PV, wind, daylighting, and other renewable energy systems as part of a smart, on-site building integrated energy plan, helps to optimize each of these technologies.