Code and Response™
A deployment initiative to put open source tech in the communities where they are needed most
As the founding partner in Call for Code, we were truly inspired by the commitment that developers took upon themselves to implement technology to address the world's most pressing issues. In 2019, more than 180K developers across 165 nations dedicated themselves to create solutions to mitigate the impact of natural disasters in the first two years of Call for Code. Through our partnerships, we've seen first-hand the devastation natural disasters leave in their wake, and we realized we could do more and launched the Code and Response initiative in 2019. Read IBM's Policy on Climate Change. Now in its second year, this $25M effort not only continues to challenge developers to find solutions through Call for Code and the Clinton Global Initiative University, but implements actual open-source solutions. These include 2018's Call for Code winner, Project Owl; the 2018 Puerto Rico hackathon winner, DroneAid; and of course last year's Call for Code winner, Prometeo.