Choreography of Logistics
The project seeks to green the infrastructure of urban areas delivering parcels via the metro system
We shop online like never before, increasing the volume of lorries and pollution in urban areas. In the past, logistics companies’ warehouses and packing terminals were situated on the periphery of urban areas, but in recent years they have moved inwards, closer to consumers and urban centres. With Copenhagen’s ambitions to become the worlds first carbon-neutral capital by 2025, growing consumerism poses a threat, with over 25% of CO2 emissions coming from delivery vehicles alone. The project explores the potential of using the existing Metro network to distribute parcels in off-peak hours, as this could reduce the inner city’s volume of lorries and, thus, carbon emissions, allowing a switch from a truck-based distribution into a carbon-neutral last-mile network. To a provide seamless integration and coexistence with the existing passenger network and infrastructure, the strategy focuses on three key transport dimensions: time, vehicle and space.