Dhuri makes up for the very polluting way of producing textiles.
Dhuri means the ‘Axil’, the point from where a new leaf stalk grows on a stem. The very thought was put to action by Madhurima Singh, a fashion graduate from NIFT Mumbai. Madhurima always endorsed the fact that a good design is a balance of creativity & functionality. This is where Dhuri was born. The brand has a lot of thought and story put behind every design and detail. Keeping the choices in mind, as to, how, where and who will wear it. Dhuri blends Science with Heritage. The brand is a metaphor of classic fabrics, ranging from Handloom to the latest organics like Ingeo (corn fibre), Tencel (Eucalyptus Fibre), Soya protein fibre, Bamboo fibre and banana fibre. Dhuri is continuously poised experimenting with eco and organic dyes, i.e. extracting pigment from flowers, fruits, vegetables, seeds etc. A lot of skilled craftsmen like weavers and printers from across India have shown common interest with that of Dhuri and are well trained.