The Fang design focuses on to use local wood material in the most sustainable way.
The Fang design focuses on two main goals, first to use local wood material in the most sustainable way, the second to teach handcraft in the workshops. By using the whole trunk no waste is left in the production. Transportation with the material and the final product is lowered to the minimum, by using local material and local workshops. The product could be produced locally anywhere in the world and is very simple in production. It is important that the design is very simple so the learning face in the prison is easy and no expertise is needed. The design is possible to produce anywhere in the world, a perfect distributed design, where global transportation of the product is not needed and the benches can be sold directly to customers without intermediaries. Today there are two types of benches produced, Drumbur a straight one and Sveifla which is curved. Each bench is an unique piece, because it takes shape from the tree it’s made of. The design is parametric,