Boost Feel Good Breast Form
Boost feel good breast forms transform choice and experience for women after breast cancer surgery.
Worn inside the pocket of a post-surgery bra, a Boost feel good breast form creates a female silhouette and comfortable wearing experience. An integrated, cut-out design provides both decoration and air circulation, leading to a beautiful, stigma-free product and a cooler, non-sweaty wearing experience compared with solid silicone external breast prostheses. Use of non-skin-tone colours provides personalisation and removes medical associations or reminders of a lost or under-developed body part. Designed to be lightweight and suitable for swimming and other exercise, this breast form supports a healthy and active lifestyle. The product will be produced in small batches to minimise waste and sold at lower prices to alternative products, enabling more women to wear this comfortable product. Co-designed and tested with women who have had breast cancer, this brand and product places women's wellbeing at its heart and is inspired by co-founder Sam's mum's own breast cancer experiences.