make water Wet again
mwWa opens the engineering of water purification to foster agentivity and situated resilience.
thr34d5 medialab is proposing the make water Wet again public installation that aims at purifying any type of water. The installation is designed to open the environmental engineering of drinkable water - composed of phytofiltration and slow sand filtration, to be replicable and amendable, and to enhance agency of citizens in the process.In a particular Region Of Interest, we perform an analysis of the city’s natural water runoffs dictated by the topography of the city and its built environment. These derivatives are compared to the flows of people in the city. Once the analysis performed, it is displayed on-site in order for the people to understand their neighborhood and its water resources. Then the intervention consists in engaging citizens in the process of making drinkable water with natural passive systems, by participating in the design and making of the installation, by collecting water and feeding the system, and developing Caring practices - maintenance.