Affordable working & transportation tractor for small&medium farmers and biomethane mobility regions
CH4pa (Methane|Buddy) is part of Atmove–Biogas & Biomethane Solutions in Brazil in coop with CIBiogas. It’s part of a circular economy system which uses waste materials from agriculture to produce Biogas & upgrade to Biomethane fuel. With its decentralized Biogas infrastructure concept Atmove provides a sustainable and ecological solution to mechanize and empower small landholders by reducing the fuel prices by 50%, CO2 emission by 90% & the contamination of the groundwater & soil. As a low cost multipurpose vehicle CH4pa supports farmers in their agricultural activities. CH4pa features a set of characteristics which are designed to suit the needs for its users in costs, availability & adaptability as a multifunctional tool also for municipal tasks. CH4pa was designed from perspective of frugal innovation to cover local needs that were specifically researched in Brazil showed that small farmers often have to choose between a tractor and a pick-up truck. The CH4pa combines both needs.