Parblex : Finding value where others see waste
Chip[s] Board® develop innovative circular economy biomaterials using abundant agricultural waste
Due to its incredible versatility and sheer abundance plastic has now become a single use nightmare, clogging our seas, choking our rivers and polluting our landscapes; we just can’t seem to get rid of it. Introducing Parblex, an innovative bioplastic developed using potato waste. Focused on a single origin waste, we are currently developing and producing biocompatible plastics using McCain UK’s abundant potato waste stream, taking these humble scraps and repurposing them into high value products. Using our patent pending closed loop production, Chip[s] Board® have developing a range of materials for eyewear and fastenings that will biodegrade at the end of their life. Parblex is just the start of our journey to reduce the damage to our planet currently caused by fast fashion and disposable products. Our vision is localised production of biocompatible materials using the abundant waste streams found in each region to reduce the impact of materials in transit and post-use.