Precious Plastic Community
Open source community of people recycling plastic waste locally into beautifully crafted products.
Precious Plastic develops free and open source machines, techniques, and digital infrastructure for people anywhere in the world to collaborate together and make a living transforming plastic waste into beautifully crafted products. We aim to eliminate plastic waste altogether through empowering a decentralized network of small businesses, community enterprises, and entrepreneurs to build local, circular economies from the ground up. Our package includes all the necessary tools to start a small plastic recycling business (400+ registered already), including detailed blueprints for four DIY recycling machines, 40 instructional video tutorials, a digital platform to collaborate with our community (70.000 people), a map to find other people wanting to get started (10k+), and an online marketplace to buy and sell parts, machines, and products (250K projected revenue for 2019). Together we can rebuild linear mass production and consumption in favor of a participatory future without waste.