Seoul design governance (SDG)
SDG solves the public problems proposed by the citizens together with the various subjects.
One of the most important roles of public institutions is to improve the quality of civil life by solving public problems. SDG is centered on Citizens and solves public problems. This is a new type of public business model in which citizens' voices are reflected in policy realization. SDG solve public problems raised by Citizens in a team of students, designers, experts, companies and others citizens. It consists of a five-step process of finding problems, building a team, designing, implementing, and utilizing. All stages are designed to be lead by Citizens by themselves. Through this project, 18 projects carried out until 2018 have been implemented throughout the Seoul city, providing continuous benefits to citizens, including the disabled and the elderly. In addition, it has a positive impact on society, such as spreading benefits to other regions and starting new activities. All processes and results of the project are recorded on website and are available for anyone to use.