Presyringe - New pre-fill syringe
We reduced the manufacturing process and cost, let ''all patients have access to medicine''.
According to Médecins Sans Frontières report, pneumonia is the leading cause of child deaths worldwide, killing about 1 million children each year. But the price of pneumonia vaccines continues to rise, making developing countries have to face difficult choices. Presyringe uses a combination of packaging methods to combine syringes and vaccines. For safety, a tear line (stopper) sits at the top of the syringe to prevent accidental usage. A fold line (chip) at the bottom of the syringe is also created so that the needle can be broken off after the using. In this way, it decreases the possibility of getting infected. We reduced the manufacturing process and volume, let developing countries to introduce lower-cost vaccines and syringe. Let achieve the concept of ''all patients have access to medicine'' in the world.