100% Paper Furniture Collection
Recycled cardboard and paper, thanks to the proven production solutions, turn into reliable furnitur
Artistic and functional objects from the collection of furniture by Vadim Kibardin demonstrate the possibilities of the newest author’s method of manufacturing large- scale products of paper and cardboard. Conventional cardboard and paper glued together by layers, thanks to the developed and proven production solutions, turn into reliable designs with an inexhaustible range of form-building principles, decorative features and unique personal designs. Unlike all known technologies for making furniture, paper furniture is made at home, from materials that are thus processed and acquire a second life. Warm and vivid furniture made of paper is a way to a harmonious space in which there are no acute dangerous corners. Simple paper not only possesses high constructional characteristics but can also dazzle through the beauty of its contours. A distinctive texture of the chairs overlay encourages a dialog with a user.